Rockabilly Lip Bullet

 For Christmas I was given a Lip Bullet  in the shade 'rockabilly' and I'm very impressed with this product. I bought one of the Topshop lipsticks not long ago in a similar colour called 'trigger' (which I wrote about here), as I was so impressed with that product I decided to try another. Lip bullets are really creamy lipsticks that are intense with colour, all of these pictures are with only one layer of product! They work like a lipstick, although the packaging is slightly childish and looks like a pencil I think it's cute and does the job. The lip bullet last all day all me, the only problem is that it is so creamy that it can rub off if you are eating or drinking a lot. Yet again I am happily surprised by the Topshop make up products, so I think I'll be back to try more.

Poppy xx

Eau Nude Eau De Parfum By Next

For Christmas my best friend absolutely spoiled me and this is one of the gifts I received from her. She all ready owns the scent 'cashmere' by next and I always told her how nice it is, I would have never of thought to go into Next for a fragrance but you should all check them out. This is 'Eau Nude Eau De Parfum' and it is gorgeous, I have used it nearly every day since receiving it. I have put up a picture which describe the smell to help anyone understand, but it is girly but not super sweet like a summer scent would be. The bottle which you can see look so classy and high-end and I have it proudly on my shelf. 

Thank you,
Poppy xx

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée By Cheryl

I have been looking for a drugstore nude for a while, I don't have one and I think it's a lipstick must-have. When I saw L'Oreal advertising their new 'tailor made' nudes I was immediately drawn to them, plus their packaging is super chic. I chose the colour which is 'by Cheryl', it says that it "offers a discreet contrast to the skin, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the complexion". Which I definitely think it does, this lipstick is also hydrating and doesn't try out my lips at all.  The colour goes well with any make up look so it's one of my new go-to products and I can't complain. I have heard it is a good dupe for Macs 'hue' but as I don't own the product I can only suggest the comparison. For £8.19 it is one of my most expensive lipsticks, (believe it or not) but this hasn't stopped me from liking it a lot. 

Thank you,
Poppy xx

Happy New Year and My New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year guys and gals! I hope you all had a great start to the new year, celebrating and having loads of fun (I know I did). I wanted to talk resolutions. I have never set any, only because I never thought I would follow them through. This year is time for a change and although I have only set myself a few it's better than nothing, right? 

Always take the stairs.

This may seem silly but I really think it makes a difference. I always use to take the stairs at college and lately I've just been lazy and resort to the lift (I'm on floor 4 so that's 8 flights of stairs).  However I am determined to get my act together and take the stairs every day. 

Step out of my comfort zone. 

Whether it's adding some colour to my wardrobe or doing an activity I wouldn't normally participate in, I'm going to give it a go. I mean why not, it can only help boost my confidence so I'm going to try it out.

Learn to drive. 

Now before this sounds snobby or as though I am relying on my parents, I'm not. I turned 17 last August and I worked my butt of nearly 7 days a week all summer (and still work some days now as well as going to college) to get money together to do this and I'm proud of myself. I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere and travelling is hard. I have my first lesson on Thursday and I am so excited, whoopee! I am still working and will work just as hard this year so I can get myself a car and the oh so dreaded insurance. 

What are your new year resolutions?

Poppy xx