So a few weeks ago I ordered three rings from Intertwangled; imprinted with 'sigh', 'lone wolf' and 'chin up'.  I thought these were great and personal, plus they are adjustable as I have tiny fingers. They came through the post super quickly which I was super happy about. The only thing is they were a little squished as you can see on the 'sigh' ring, however this hasn't bothered me as they are quite easy to bend back into place. I have worn these day in and day out since they arrived, they are so worth the money! 

Poppy x 

Superdrug, Poundland and Topshop Mini Haul.

I have been looking around for a good body scrub for a while with a nice refreshing scent. Body scrubs aren't overly expensive but when I just want to try a new one out and give it a go I don't want to splash out. These were down to £1.45 in Superdrug so I grabbed a couple that I liked the smell of. So far they are amazing and I would definitely recommend even for the normal selling price of £2.99, I can see myself repurchasing these in the future. 

I popped into Topshop recently seeing there was a 30% off sale on jewellery, so I picked up a couple of items. These were both down to under £5 and I know I can use them to dress up an outfit in the evening or wear out when on holiday. 

On the left here are some nail stickers from Poundland and I just thought they were so cute, even if I wore them for one day over some nail varnish to add some Christmas magic! On the right is Collection Work The Colour Shadow in Vanilla Sky (£3.19), which I have been meaning to buy and try out just because I am curious of the product. 

Clockwise starting top left (everything is from Poundland). Revlon Siren 440, Revlon Emerald City Matte Suede 933, Revlon Zealous 560, OPI Black Shatter,  Sally Hansen Perfect Plum 350, Sally Hansen Sea 07.
Not forgetting the Calvin Klein Sheer Crème Eyeshadow in Snakeskin Silver. 

To say the least I was very happy with my finds in Poundland. I'm not a big nail polish fan but for only a pound who would say no? I am constantly taking a peak in there now for new things since I spotted the Calvin Klein Sheer Crème Eyeshadows and so far I have not been disappointed. 

Thank you for reading,
Poppy x

Desk Tour

This is my desk (at it's tidiest) and it is from Ikea. It is part of the 'galant' collection where you buy the legs and table top separately, so you can create your own individual desk.  Here I have the silver legs and a black-brown table top.  I'm not to sure where the lamp is from but I'm pretty sure it won't be hard to find one similar. 

I got this basket from my local ESK and at the moment it is just storing all my odd bits and bobs in, as I'm soon to have some shelves fitted where this will go.  So inside I have all of my nail varnishes, three Vaseline pots, a pencil pot and some art supplies I have for college. Then in front of that I have a little pot where I place all my rings and a few little shells (I don't know why I have them). 

Wedged between the basket and my make up storage I have odd bits of make-up that doesn't fit anywhere else just yet.  So starting from the left I have some fake eyelashes from eBay that cost £2.00 at most, then there are some emery boards and a set of eyeliners. After that I have two pairs of eyelashes, the first is from ELF and is the Natural Lash Kit  and the second pair is from Superdrug which are the Eylure Naturalites.

 Here is my makeup storage, the acrylic drawers are from Muji and the acrylic lipstick holder is from Amazon (I will be doing a make up haul soon). Then at the end I use a Hello Kitty mug to hold my make up brushes. Then I normally just leave my most recent magazine/book and diary at the end of my desk. 

Thank you,
Poppy x