Brighton (weekend away)

I know I haven't posted all the time recently as my boyfriend and I booked a two night trip to Brighton. It's not far from us, but it's a lovely place to get away from day-to-day life. We stayed at The Kings Hotel and honestly, it was lovely. We went up on the 14th by car (my dad drove us then took us back, as it was cheaper to pay for petrol then to get a train) and came back on the 16th. 
14th July 2013

So on the first day we dropped our bags at the hotel then got some brunch on the beach. The heat is extraordinary for England and it was so lucky for it to be such good weather when we went away. After this we did a quick shopping trip (which I will be doing a haul for soon) but only quickly as it was too hot to shop. Then we took a stroll on the pier. Rob treated me to dinner at Cafe Rouge on the first night which was gorgeous. We both ordered the duck confit which was amazing and then for dessert I had a chocolate ganache and Rob had the cheeseboard! It was so nice and then we took a walk on the beach to the hotel.

15th July 2013

So we woke up on Monday and we headed to McDonalds, how classy!  I had to return a dress to the shop and Rob became amazed by the build-a-bear store, embarrassing wasn't even close, even though I do love the teddys in there. We took a relaxing walk through the lanes then grabbed a meal deal from Boots and headed to the park. to eat it. We then went to the sea life centre as that we went there this time last year, plus we had a buy one get one free deal on our tickets. We then relaxed in the pavilion park where Rob wandered off, he came back a little later with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, yummy! Dinner was on me that night as I don't think I've ever taken Rob out for food. We went to Wagamamas as Rob had never been there before, we shared a main course (the Wagamama rama) and two side dishes (spring rolls and pork dumplings).  The place started to get a bit load and it was our last night in Brighton so we grabbed a dessert to go and headed to the pavilion park again. We then took a lovely walk along the sea front where Rob won me a pink poodle teddy, which he named Fluffella.

16th July 2013

So on our last day we woke up and headed over to JB's diner. We both had pancakes and were they good? No they were amazing! We were pretty relaxed on our last day and just wanted to enjoy the time together away from everything. We went to the cinema and watched Monsters University and it did not disappoint in the slightest!  After we took a walk and had some lunch (another meal deal I think) and then we came a cross an artist who was offering these manga like illustrations (the last square image). We bought one as we though it was something fun and different from a painting and I am so pleased with how it came out! Finally we got an ice cream and headed home, hopefully I will be able to take more weekends/holidays away as I really enjoyed this as a kind of escape.

Poppy x