How Much Is Your Face Worth?

ELF Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer (£6), Rimmel Concealer Wake Me Up (£5.49), ELF Eyelid Primer (£1.50), ELF Under Eye Concealer and & Highlighter (£3.75), Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99), MUA Heaven and Earth Palette (£4),  Sleek Face Form Kit (£9.99), Rimmel Gel Liner (£6.49), Eylure Natural Lashes (£5.35), Max Factor Mascara Wild Mega Lash (£4.99), Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Firecracker (5.49) = £57.04

All together I wouldn't say £57.04 was too bad, considering if this was all high end products I would have hit around at least £100! It was around where I was predicting the price would be so I'm not suprised at the outcome. 

Poppy x

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag

Something a bit different from the usual and I'm hoping to do more 'tag' posts in the future. I hope you enjoy!

What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

My most inexpensive beauty item would have to be the MUA lipsticks which are only £1, they are so good for the price it is unbelievable! My most expensive is Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm in Light, which was £10. Its a really good foundation type base, it matches to my skin colour well too! It's not too thick so it is great for summer.

What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

Fake eyelashes, I love how they look but I feel they are too much for my face. Applying them can be tricky too so they are not always my favourite thing to do and I would never use them on a daily basis. 

I have really wanted to try Maybellines Baby Lips for ages, but luckily they are coming to the UK really soon! 

What are your most delicious beauty products?

Definitely Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast, it smells amazing and works so well! 

What beauty products do you neglect, due to laziness?

Eyelashes again, as I can't be bothered to take the time to stick them on when they just make my eyelids feel heavy.

What beauty product give you the most confidence? 

I would probably say foundation as it covers up any imperfections and makes my skin look more awake, however eye liner always plays a big part as I think it always finishes off my face. 

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Definitely a nice smile and a caring personality! Oh and respect of course. 

What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

Probably a mac foundation (a red one) as they are always raved about and I can't afford one myself. I also like the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume! 

Poppy x

Sleek Face Form First Impression (new buys)

So the other day I popped down to my local Superdrug and picked up the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara and the Sleek Face Form palette in fair. I need a new mascara and have heard good things about this new one and I also liked the look of the brush. Now I've wanted the Sleek palette for ages but every time I go to my local store they don't have it in my shade, so as soon as I saw it I grabbed it straight away! So now I am going to show you how I used them and my first impressions!
So here is my naked face, don't laugh too much! I used Revlon photoready foundation in the shade 002 Vanilla and then my favourite concealer (which you can see as the packaging is so worn), which is Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory.  This foundation is great for summer as it is medium coverage so it isn't too heavy, plus the concealer is great for under your eyes to brighten them up a bit. I then powered with, of course, Rimmel Stay Matte in transparent. My eyelash curlers are from H&M and the lipstick I am using is Ted Baker (it was a set of three from Boots). I found the mascara worked amazingly although the brush tended to clump at either end, but that wasn't too much of a problem. The Sleek palette however was just as amazing as everyone makes it out to be, the colours are really buildable and is very inexpensive for the quality (and bare in mind there is a blusher, highlighter and a bronzer in there).

Poppy x

Festival Essentials (bag size)

So as I didn't camp at the 'Gentlemen Of The Road' tour I thought I would do more of a handbag/backpack essentials! Obviously a camera of some sort, here I have a disposable as they make everything look that more unique and also my DSLR (I only have the lens cap here as I took the image with it), which is a Canon 1100D. However before you go to a festival check the restrictions as some cameras and equipment is not allowed into the specific tours/festivals. So then you need to protect yourself from the sun, so I have my lip balm and sunglasses - I also had sunscreen but I can't find it anywhere! The sunscreen I use is Malibu Spray, it's lovely and smells amazing. I found my sunglasses in Urban Outfitters whilst in Brighton and fell in love with them, I think the pop of colour is lovely and very 'in' with the bright neon colours that are coming into fashion. Oh and of course a phone, for quick images/videos and to get in contact with anyone if necessary.

Festival OOTD 2013

On the 19th and 20th of July I headed down to Lewes to attend the 'Gentlemen of the road' tour, so I thought I would share with you what I was wearing. This outfit is what I wore on the second day there, I didn't camp so I had time to go home and get myself ready for the next day! My outfit is quite monochrome and laid back, it's been very hot recently so I didn't want to wear anything too tight. I'll go from head to toe - the flower crown is from Roses and Clementines and I won this on an instagram competition, but honestly, it goes with everything and if you don't have one it should be an essential for your summer wardrobe. My top is from Asos but I did buy it this time last year so I don't think it is still available. This black dip hem skirt is gorgeous and look lovely with many different tops, it is from Lipsy and I really like how this looks. My shoes are JuJu Seven Jelly Sandals which are available from Bank
My accesories are also pretty simple. My bracelets are from Asos, a holiday in Cyprus and handmade by a friend. The watch is Casio so should be available on their official website although I brought mine off Asos. On my nails I have Rimmel London 60 seconds in 440 Sunny Side, then a top layer of H&M nail polish (which is silver glitter). I have just topped that off with two midi rings from River Island. 

50 Facts About Me

I'm not so good at writing an 'about me' page so cliché I know, but I will be doing 50 facts about me.

  1.  My name is Poppy Luna Carter
  2. I'm 16 and my birthday is on August 10th. 
  3. I have a younger sister, named Emilie.
  4. I'm afraid of going to the doctors, the hospital or the dentist. 
  5. I love photography and I will upload some of my work on here or you can find me on Flick.
  6. I own a Canon 1100D, a Canon AE-1 and a Diana F+.
  7. The only film I've ever cried at is 'Now Is Good'.
  8. My first ever concert was 'Vampire Weekend'. Since then I have seen The Black Keys, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Noah and The Whale.  
  9. I've dyed my hair blue and red. 
  10. I have my ear lobes pierced, me left helix, my navel and today I had my nose pierced (right side). 
  11. I love Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  12. The tenth Doctor is my favourite (David Tennant) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) was my favourite companion. 
  13. I need everything to be planned. I have to know what time and when otherwise I get aggravated, I'm not so sure why. 
  14. I love going to Ikea, even if it's just for the food.
  15. My favourite holiday was to New York, in 2011. I have also been abroad to Disneyland Paris and Cyprus.
  16. I hate horror movies, or anything that makes me jump. 
  17. I'm 5"4
  18. I hate milk. The smell, the taste, its gross.  Although I will happily have a cup of tea, a hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake. 
  19. I would choose calling someone over texting (unless if it's to make an appointment then I get scared). 
  20. I am short sighted so I have to wear glasses.
  21. My favourite book is The Witches by Roald Dahl. 
  22. I've moved house 9 times.
  23. Food is my weakness.
  24. 'Absolutely Fabulous' is one of my favourite comedy series. 
  25. I have four cats and a hamster. 
  26. I believe in ghosts and aliens.
  27. I have a birthmark a little above my right hip. 
  28. My zodiac sign is a Leo.
  29. Brunette guys over blonde any day.
  30. I always start my day with tea, whether it's normal or peppermint.
  31. My favourite ice cream flavour is mint choc chip.
  32. I don't like peanut butter, however I do like Reese's Cups and Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter. 
  33. I only like white bread.
  34. I'm better at cooking desserts than meals.
  35. I only have one bestfriend who knows everything about me.
  36. I'm not a strong swimmer. 
  37. Carrots are my favourite vegetable.
  38. Belle is my favourite Disney princess.
  39. The worst film I have ever seen is 'After Earth', it's way too cliché. 
  40.  My favourite film is 'Ballet Shoes', it's all about three girls who follow their dreams. 
  41. I agree with the theory of evolution.
  42. I like to smile at strangers, that sounds weird but listen. When someone smiles at me it makes my day, so why not be polite and do it back.
  43. I have never owned a Yankee candle or any mac make up.
  44. My favourite subject at school was English and Art Graphics.
  45. I really want to learn how to drive.
  46. I hold grudges. I wish I didn't, but unfortunately I do.
  47. I taught myself to roll my tongue.
  48. The song Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega makes me very smile.
  49. I don't regret anything, I see everything as a learning curve. 
  50. My favourite colours are blue and red.   

Lavender Rose Crown

Around five weeks ago on Instagram I won an amazing competition, it was for one of Roses & Clementines crowns.  I've heard amazing things about them and overall just thought they looked incredible! The one I picked is a pastel purple and will be amazing for the summer. 
This is the 'Lavender Rose Crown' which retails at £20. I absolutely adore it and it will definitely be worn all summer long! The item came through very quickly and not only that but the packaging was beautiful. If you like all things floral you should definitely take a look at their website and their gorgeous instagram

MUA Nail Varnish

MUA nailvarnish has been greatly hyped up over the internet (especially instagram) mainly for the fact it is £1. I have heard some great things about it so I though I would review it for myself. 

The bottles are designed similar to the 'Essie' ones and the fact they are glass makes the packaging look quite nice and snazzy.  Essie however retails there nail varnishes at £7.99 instead of the MUA price of £1. 
Here I have the colours 'Fever Red' and 'Koala Bear' both are dupes for some of Essie's range. Both of which look lovely in the bottle. 
To get this result I applied 'Fever Red' two times and it has come out in a great result, where as I had to apply 'Koala Bear' with four coats just so it wasn't sheer! I wore them for two days and all ready started chipping so it wasn't the greatest result, they came off easily with nail polish remover however that was expected. I still think for £1 it was a bargain and there are a whole range of other colours in store! I think these would be great for a weekend away and will definitely be trying a few more colours.